Speaking with Authenticity and Authority

The ability to present an idea, deliver a report, or provide context for a decision is an essential part of management. Good presentation skills are integral to a leader’s ability to demonstrate an understanding of issues as well as provide purpose and direction for the team and the organization.

The “Speaking with Authenticity and Authority” workshop will be to help a senior leader become a more adept, confident, and focused speaker who communicates targeted messages that resonate with organizational vision, mission and values. The purpose of such communications is to build greater levels of trust and achieve sustainable results.

The “Speaking with Authenticity and Authority” workshop will cover:

  • Understanding that communication is integral to leadership
  • Developing the 4 I’s message (inform, involve, invite & ignite)
  • Taking the stage with authority
  • Engaging the audience immediately
  • Delivering the leadership message
  • Employing vocal dynamics
  • Getting the body into the act
  • Using the reflective pause
  • Integrating “hot potato” topics into the presentation
  • Handling objections from the audience
  • Sticking to the prepared speech
  • Going off script (but finding the right way back)
  • Delivering one‑liners
  • Developing individual “elevator speeches” for key constituents
  • Ending on a high note

Click to download Speaker’s Guide to Authenticity [PDF]

12 Steps to Power Presence

Program Description

Leaders project power through their presence.

Leadership presence is the outward manifestation of leadership behavior. While leaders project their leadership, followers authorize it with their approval. Leadership presence is “earned authority.” Those two words are important. Earned means you have led by example.

“12 Steps to Power Presence” demonstrates ways managers can improve their presence strategically and tactically to develop the trust of their people so that they can accomplish their goals and the goals of the organization. This presentation will guide you through the process of discovering, developing, and delivering on your leadership presence.

“12 Steps to Power Presence” explains what it takes to be a leader – one who can develop the trust of people in order to can accomplish individual and organizational goals and results.

Learning objectives

Executives who attend this presentation will be able to:

- Define the key aspects of leadership presence

- Discover methods to leverage presence to instill trust

- Affirm the role the leader plays in bringing people together for common cause


“12 Steps to Power Presence” will explore how to:

- Project A2 (authenticity/authority) through presence

- Transform good character into positive action

- Explore five aspects of authority

- Instilling pride of purpose

- Projecting hope and optimism

- Coaching your boss

­- Deliver practical tips for leadership who must communicate, delegate, manage, and inspire

Who should attend

Middle managers and above


Participants who attend this presentation will emerge with a greater understanding of how their leadership presence can reinforce their authority and authenticity.

Click to download Power Presence workshop [PDF]

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