Executive Coaching

Coaching is a process of enabling others to succeed. Coaching builds upon an individual's personal goals, desire for improvement, and impetus to succeed within the organization.

Executive Coaching leverages self-improvement with the need to fulfill the organizational mission.

With Speech Coaching John helps executives improve their presentation skills, interpersonal communications, leadership presence, and leadership messages.

John helps executives to adopt and modify behaviors that will enable them to lead more effectively. Specific topics John coaches include:

  • Preparing to lead at next level
  • Leading with presence, e.g. giving others a reason to believe in you

  • Leading a new team and persuading others to follow

  • Influencing across functions and building coalitions of peers
  • Turning conflicts into win-win opportunities

  • Communicating as a leader: speaking with conviction; listening for understanding
  • Leading with deliberation and decisiveness

  • Bringing others together for common cause

  • Leading up, down and across the organization

  • Delegating responsibility and authority

  • Coaching employees to improve and to excel

John offers coaching in-person and on the phone as well as via video teleconference (Skype).

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